Introduction To Packet Tracer Quiz Answers 2023

1. Which icon is the default icon for a .pka file?


   Refer to the exhibit. How do you display the popup window to show the additional device information?

         (A)Choose File > device info popup
(B) Hover the cursor over the device icon.
(C) Right-click the device to select detailed information.
(D) Double-click the device icon.

Answer:- (B)

3. Where in Packet Tracer can you create a new building or wiring closet?
         (A) virtual workspace
(B) logical workspace
(C) simulation workspace
(D) physical workspace

Answer:- (D)


Refer to the exhibit. How do you display the interface number where the cable is attached to a device?

         (A) The labels must always be manually entered.
(B) On the config tab of the device, choose show interface number.
(C) Enter the no shutdown command in interface configuration mode.
(D) Hover the mouse cursor over the cable.

Answer:- (D)

5. Add a PC and connect it to the wireless router with a straight-through cable. What icon should be selected to find the required cable?

Refer to the exhibit. What description matches the function of the Packet Tracer devices shown?

         (A) security devices
(B) IoT devices
(C) networking devices
(D) cabling component

Answer:- (B)


Refer to the exhibit. What does the shaded area represent?

         (A) It defines the wireless signal coverage.
(B) It is just a background image.
(C) It is used as a temporary location to add devices that will be moved into the building.
(D) It defines an area where you cannot add any new buildings.

Answer:- (A)


Refer to the exhibit. Match each numbered Packet Tracer menu icon with a description. (Not all options are used.)

9. A technician needs to add a home wireless router. Which icon should the technician select?

10. Switch to simulation mode. Select Laptop0/Desktop/HTTP, enter a URL of www.cisco.com and click GO. What is the value of the Destination Port number on the outbound DNS packet that was created?
         (A) 1025
(B) 800
(C) 57
(D) 53
(E) 1

Answer:- (C)

11. A PC and two laptops need to be added to a wireless router on the Packet Tracer network. What icon would provide the correct components?


A technician selected the GUI interface on a wireless router and added a DNS address of The technician then immediately exited the GUI interface. What will occur as a result of this configuration?

         (A) All connected host devices, configured with DHCP, will automatically be sent the IP address of the DNS server.
(B) Because the technician forgot to save the configuration, the DNS server address will not be sent to connected devices.
(C) The technician should have used the Config tab to enter the DNS address.
(D) The technician should check the Physical tab to ensure that the wireless router is powered on.

Answer:- (B)

13. Send a simple PDU from the new PC to the server.
True or False?
The ping will work on the newly added PC as soon as the link lights turn green.
Select one:
(A) true
(B) false

Answer:- (B)

14. Using the Packet Tracer network, add and associate a laptop as a device on the wireless router. Use HTTP to connect to www.cisco.com. What is the special message?
         (A) You made it!
(B) Your wireless configuration works.
(C) Way to go!
(D) Awesome!
(E) Packet Tracer is cool!

Answer:- (C)


Refer to the exhibit. The above icon is in the lower right hand corner of the Packet Tracer screen. What might the person using Packet Tracer be doing?

         (A) adding a city view as a background
(B) testing connectivity by using simple or complex PDUs
(C) creating a new network
(D) deleting components from an existing network

Answer:- (B)

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