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1.Which of the following is a common property of distributed computing?

 A) Centralized control

 B) Fault tolerance

 C) Single point of failure

 D) Limited scalability

2.Peer-to-Peer computing resembles truly distributed applications.

 A) True

 B) False

3.Which of the following application(s) uses grid computing?

 A) Reactor Applications

 B) Air conditioning

 C) Crystallography

 D) Steganography

4.Which of the following is(are) a key component(s) of cluster computing?

 A) Parallel programming environment

 B) Single central processing unit

 C) Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)

 D) Node affinity

5.Utility computing is a _______________ model, in which a service provider makes computing resources and _____________ available to the customer.

 A) service-provisioning, infrastructure management

 B) infrastructure management, service-provisioning

 C) cloud computing, resource management

 D) service-provisioning, resource management

6.Utility computing encapsulates the following characteristic(s)

 A) Mobility amalgamation

 B) Pay-per-use pricing business model

 C) No impact on resource utilization

 D) None of above

7.In utility computing, the payment model differs for different customers based on scale and payment frequency alone.

 A) True

 B) False

8.What are the different characteristic(s) of cloud computing?

 A) Virtualization

 B) Service disagreement

 C) Service orientated

 D) Scalability

9.Google Spreadsheet is an example of :

 A) Platform as a Service or PaaS

 B) Software as a Service or SaaS

 C) Function as a Service of FaaS

 D) Infrastructure as a Service or Iaas

10.In the case of the client-server model: Statement (i) Virtualization is a core concept; Statement (ii) system can scale infinitely

 A) Only Statement (i) is correct

 B) Only Statement (ii) is correct

 C) Both Statements (i) and (ii) are correct

 D) None of the statements is correct

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