Human Behaviour Assignment 2 Solutions

 The potential range of physical stimuli that each species can detect and respond to seems to

 appear randomly across species.

 be optimal for the survival of that species

 be the same across all species.

 be the same across all senses for that species.

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Sensation can be defined as the

 process of converting physical energy into neural energy.

 detection of the external stimuli around us

 process of organizing external stimuli into meaningful concepts.

mental processes necessary to locate and identify an external stimulus.

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According to signal detection theory, we are constantly trying to detect a _____ embedded in environmental _____.

 hits; false alarms

 bias; sensation

 signal; noise

 criterion; responses

The ratio of the JND to a given intensity of a stimulus is a constant called the

 Weber-Fechner law.

 second law of psychophysics.

 psychophysical function.

 difference threshold.

Absolute threshold refers to _____; difference threshold refers to _____.

 detection; discrimination.

 discrimination; detection.

 sensation; perception.

 perception; sensation.

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An experimenter releases the scent of cut grass into the air. At first, the participant smells nothing. As more scent is released, the participant eventually detects the odor. The point at which the participant begins to smell the odor is called the

 olfactory epithelium

 psychophysical function.

 difference threshold.

absolute threshold.

Transduction is the

 conversion of physical energy into neural firing.

  response of our sense organs to stimulation.

 interpretation by the brain of a sensation.

 cessation of response of sense organ due to prolonged stimulation.

The image-focusing portion of the eye consists of the

 retina, fovea, and receptors.   

 rods and cones.  

 cornea, lens, and retina.

cornea, lens, and pupil.

The _____ cells act as intermediate cells to connect the photoreceptors to the nerve cells forming the optic nerve.

 rod and cone


 color receptor


The one sensory modality that goes directly to the brain without intervening synapses is



 skin sense for pressure


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