"Training and Development" - Week 6 Solutions

 ___________ is a process that critically examines a program. It involves collecting and analyzing information about a program’s activities, characteristics, and outcomes.

 a) Training

 b) Evaluation

 c) Programme

 d) Transfer

What is the primary purpose of evaluation in training programs?

 a) To increase the cost of training

 b) To determine the effectiveness and success of the training

 c) To discourage participants from attending future sessions

 d) To complicate the training process

What role does participant feedback play in the evaluation of training programs?

 a) It has no impact on the improvement of training

 b) It provides valuable insights for improvement

 c) It increases participant dissatisfaction

 d) It discourages open communication

What is the primary focus of quantitative evaluation in training and development?

 a) Exploring participant attitudes

 b) Measuring numerical data and outcomes

 c) Collecting in-depth narratives

 d) Understanding the subjective experience of participants

What is the primary aim of qualitative evaluation in training and development?

 a) Quantifying participant satisfaction

 b) Identifying numerical trends

 c) Providing rich, descriptive insights

 d) Calculating completion rates

What is a limitation of relying solely on quantitative evaluation methods?

 a) Difficulty in comparing data

 b) Lack of numerical precision

 c) Limited insights into participant experiences

 d) Increased subjectivity

Evaluation is often considered to be taken place at four different levels. Which one of the following is NOT a level of evaluation?

 a) Reaction

 b) Outcomes

 c) Learning

 d) Behaviors

Evaluators are responsible for the information needs of various audiences or stakeholders. In which approach of training evaluation do we see this statement?

 a) Responsive evaluation

 b) Goal free evaluation

 c) Behavioral objective approach

 d) Participatory evaluation approach

Return on investment is an important training -----------------. It is calculated through a cost-benefit analysis which is the process of determining economic benefits of a training programme using accounting methods based on the training costs and benefits. Fill up the blank.

 a) evaluation

 b) transfer

 c) input

 d) outcome

Which training evaluation tool is effective for gathering qualitative feedback and insights?

 a) Multiple-choice tests

 b) Surveys with Likert scales

 c) Focus groups

 d) Completion rates

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